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Every webpage of a company has an about us page telling potential customers or in our case potential patients about the practice. If you want to read up on the qualifications and experience of our team members or the history of the practice you are welcome to scroll down. But if you want to read about us, it is better to explain who our patients are.
In this practice it really is not about us, it is about our patients.

If we could summarise our patients in one word it would be BRAVE.

Let me tell you why…

Our adult patients are just as brave. These are the people that face their communication problems head on. They are not afraid of change and is not intimidated by technology. They want to stay connected to the people in their lives, both professionally and personally. Whether their communication problems have been caused by a hearing loss or a neurological reason such as a stroke, our patients are focused on maintaining and improving their quality of life. They are people who do not live in denial, they want to know the facts, do the research and with professional guidance make informed decisions and take action on how to stay connected to the world around them.

If you can associate yourself with our patients and want to make an appointment, the next step is to contact us. If you do not associate with our patients then it is also simple, we are not the right practice for you. You are still welcome to contact us and we will assist you with numbers of other practices that might cater to your specific needs.

With our paediatric case load it should be clarified that the word patient is not just referred to as the child coming to therapy but includes the parent (children rarely phone us to book their appointments). It is the brave parent that seeks help for their child struggling with a communication difficulty.

No parent dreams about taking their child to therapy during their pregnancy. It is hard to admit that there might be an obstacle for your child that might need to be overcome with professional help. These brave parents are not the parent that drops their child of at therapy or reads in the reception area while their child is in a session.

Our parents at the practice are right there with their child in the session and are not afraid to get their hands dirty doing the hard work to make change happen. They know that once a week at therapy is not going to make a difference. But receiving professional guidance on a weekly basis on how they can help their children in their everyday routines and how to create learning opportunities for their children will be the difference. These are the brave parents who knows the power they have and don’t shy away from their responsibility. At the end of the day the success of our paediatric patients is not due to our skills set, but that of the active, involved and brave parent.

Our Team

Ilouise le Roux


Ilouise graduated as a speech language pathologist and audiologist in 2005 at the University of Pretoria. After completion of her community service year at Kalafong hospital she worked till 2009 at Universitas Tertiary hospital.

Ilouise le Roux graduated as a speech language pathologist and audiologist in 2005 at the University of Pretoria. After completion of her community service year at Kalafong hospital she worked till 2009 at Universitas Tertiary hospital. She established Ilouise le Roux private practice in 2009. In 2010 she completed her masters degree with a research study that developed an evaluation tool to identify parents need for information and emotional support before a cochlear implant for their child. She was selected as one of 10 therapists in South Africa to receive a bursary in Auditory Verbal therapy presented by Warren Estrabooks for a year. This opportunity lead to development of The Listening and Spoken Language South Africa training programme where she has been a mentor in the program since 2011.  She has recently started with preparation to become AVT certified under the mentorship of Karen McIver Lux. Although her passion lies with children with hearing loss she is passionate about the profession of audiology and speech therapy especially the paediatric population.  She believes that the practice is based on delivering a service to parents and their children and to adults where everybody is treated with professionalism, kindness, empathy and respect.

Sanja Deacon


Sanja Deacon obtained her degree in Audiology (B. Communication Pathology: Audiology) from the University of Pretoria in 2013.

She completed her community service year at Kimberley Complex Hospital in 2014. Ever since completion of community service, she has been working in the private sector in Bloemfontein. Her clinical experience and diverse exposure enable her to provide necessary audiological services to both the paediatric and adult population.

Sanja enjoys working closely with Ear-, Nose and Throat specialists as she has a special interest in diagnostic audiology. Her current responsibilities also include finding an individualised solution for each patient. She believes that the proper fitting of a hearing device is just as important as managing outcomes for these patients.

“It has been such a joy to first hand observe the leaps of improvements audiological intervention can make during speech therapy/aural rehabilitation sessions with our very capable Speech- and Language Therapists”. She loves that our practice can provide such a comprehensive intervention opportunity.

Sanja has an undying passion for her calling as an Audiologist and strives to never stop learning.

Cornelia Scheepers

Speech Therapist

Cornelia obtained her masters degree in 2019 from the University of Pretoria, with a research study about parental involvement and the use of a mobile application targeting emergent literacy. She had completed her community service year in 2020 at Witbank General Hospital in Mpumalanga. During her community service year, she has gained experience in a variety of speech and language disorders and working in a multidisciplinary team. She has worked with paediatric and adult populations. Cornelia is passionate about paediatric and adult dysphagia as well as adult neurogenic disorders while paediatric speech and language difficulties are becoming a growing interest.

Speech therapy is her calling as she finds joy in making a difference in others life’s. She truly strives to go above and beyond for every patient she has the privilege of building a relationship with.

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Riki Rossouw


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