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Your Best Result is Our Promise

Any parent can improve their child’s behaviour, language or learning abilities. At our practice, we understand how difficult it is to seek help for your child, yourself or even a loved-one struggling with a communication difficulty or hearing related problem.

At Ilouise le Roux, we help you to improve your quality of life significantly. Our patients choose us for treating them with dignity, professionalism and empathy and we are renowned for our ability to achieve monumental shifts in positive outcomes for you.

Why People Choose Us…

We Transform Lives

Are you concerned about your own
or a family member’s hearing?

Are you starting to avoid noisy environments?
Turning up the volume to a level that others complain?
Asking for repetition more often and wondering why
so many people mumble?

Are you a concerned parent when it comes to your child’s speech or academic performance?

Do you feel worried when you hear how other
children his/her age speak?

Do you want your child to reach his full potential?


We are experts in diagnostic audiology in Bloemfontein. We perform hearing tests that determine the extent and possible reason for hearing loss in adults and children. A wide range of hearing aids and assistive hearing devices are provided as treatment options. Our practice is set up in a unique way that ensures immediate communication with Ear- Nose and throat specialists to treat patients as a multi- disciplinary team. This ensures the best level of care to our patients.

Speech Therapy

We are the renowned experts in speech therapy in Bloemfontein with a unique track record of getting results when it comes to your child’s speech and language development needs. We quickly evaluate the age-appropriate levels your child needs to achieve, and we focus on those areas requiring attention. With hard-work and commitment from the parents, your child will be on track in their language goals which will set the tone and foundation for their academic performance in future.

About Us

Who are We?

Not that it really matters, what matters is our patients and the positive changes we routinely enact for them.

What we Do

From hearing-aids, speech therapy, audio-verbal therapy and audiology we are the trusted name in Bloemfontein.

How We Work

Step 1: Consultation

Whether the concern is a communication difficulty or a possible hearing loss, you can contact us to make an appointment. During consultation a case history is obtained to provide insight on the concern of the patient or parent.

Step 2: Assessment

Diagnostic assessment is performed through a comprehensive audiological test battery based on the patient’s concerns and case history.

Speech therapy:
With insight into the case history, various standardised tests and assessments are used to determine the diagnosis, the extent of the problem or the developmental delay.

Step 3: Treatment Plan

With hearing aid fittings clients are first offered a trail period with hearing aids to determine potential outcomes with hearing aids prior to hearing aid fitting. After fitting a follow-up appointment for possible further fine tuning is included as part of our hearing aid fitting protocol.

Speech therapy:
The treatment plan is designed together with the patient or the parents to reach a desired outcome. For children in speech therapy parents are actively involved in each therapy session and assessment are repeated biannually to determine progress.

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